Parliamentary supporters

This website has been produced and is supported by a range of community pharmacy organisations including PSNC and Pharmacy Voice, whose founding members are the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies, the Company Chemists’ Association and the National Pharmacy Association. We are all committed to developing the community pharmacy service to enable pharmacies to offer a wide range of high quality services for the benefit of patients and the NHS.

Prior to the general election many organisations set out community pharmacy manifestos in which they set out key wishes for pharmacy under a new government. A number of politicians were invited to visit pharmacies to learn more about the services they offer and photos from some of these visits are included below.

Following the general election we are still looking to engage with politicians to gain their sport for community pharmacy and to ensure that they understand how pharmacy teams can and are supporting local communities and health services. We will continue to post updates on this work below.

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MPs backing community pharmacy

Pharmacies across England are being encouraged to invite their local MPs to visit their pharmacies to find out more about how they are helping their local communities and the services they can offer. Find out how you can get involved with a visit here and see the regional pages below for some MPs who have already spoken to their local pharmacies.

Our supporters in the north

Our supporters in the midlands

Our supporters in the south